What does it mean to be Verified on YouTube?

YouTube Verified

Being verified on any platform comes with a new set of perks, primarily from the audience and the platform you’re using. The little check next to your name on YouTube can afford you some credibility among your audience.

According to YouTube, the small gray and white check mark, or music note (if you’re a musician) next to a channel’s name means that “it’s the official channel of a creator, artist, or public figure.” YouTube goes on to explain that this is a better way at distinguishing between channels with similar names and the real deal.

Who qualifies for verification?

Channels with over 100,000 subscribers are eligible to apply for verification. You don’t necessarily have to have this subscriber count. If you are well-known outside of YouTube, you can apply for verification beforehand.

I qualify, what now?

Normally, once you’ve reached over 100,000 subscribers, you must apply to become verified. YouTube doesn’t give the full list of reasons they give verifications out, but rather two simple terms: Authenticity and completeness.

To be authentic, you must represent who you really say you are. YouTube staff might even go to the extent of asking for additional documents or information to ensure you are authentically representing yourself.

To be complete, you must have a profile picture, a banner picture, and a description on your account. Additionally, you must be active and produce content on your channel.

Why should I try to become verified?

While YouTube doesn’t cite any special perks when you unlock verified status, there are a few perks you can gain for your image when you get your grey and white check mark.

The check mark means way more than getting special features to access on YouTube. When you become verified, it shows an audience that you are recognizably authentic. By having the badge, it shows that not only are you authentic, but extends to the products you review and endorse. Whether they know it or not, viewers will trust your opinions on products and services, due in part to the position you hold.

Additionally, your content is more likely to be promoted to general YouTube users if you’re verified. From your videos to your live steams, the videos verified creators produce appear more often when users search topics or even just go to their home page.

Being verified sets creators apart from accounts with lower subscriber counts. This means that verified creators will stand out to brands looking for new partnerships.

By gaining the verified badge, creators can open doors to becoming a more credible source for viewers and a more notable person for brands to partner with. There are no downsides to becoming verified. If you’re on YouTube and have 100,000 subscribers, be sure to apply for verification to level up your account.

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