What does it mean to be Verified on Instagram?

Instagram Verified

Whether you believe it or not, the little blue check mark makes a difference as a creator on Instagram. According to Instagram, a verified badge signifies that “an account is the authentic presence of a public figure, celebrity or brand it represents.” They go on to clarify that the blue check mark does not mean Instagram endorses these figures.

Who Qualifies for Verification?

Instagram has specific requirements that celebrities, public figures, and brands must meet before they can apply to be verified. Their three criteria are: Authentic, Unique, Complete, and Notable.

You can read more about the guidelines on their website, but in summary, Instagram feels you need to represent a real person who is one of a kind. You also must have an account that is not set to private, something in your bio, and a profile photo. Additionally, you must be an entity that is highly searched for and well-known.

I qualify, what now?

If you meet the qualifications, you can apply for verification. By going to settings on your Instagram app, then Account, then Request Verification you can then follow the prompts.

It is important to note that the team at Instagram prides themselves on only verifying public figures, celebrities, and brands. Though they are owned by the same company, creators might find it easier to gain verification on Facebook rather than Instagram. Instagram recommends that users link their Facebook to their Instagram account to show that they are authentic.

Why should I try to get verified?

There are a couple of perks that come with verification on Instagram. One of the most important perks is the authenticity you gain. When people go to a creator’s profile and see the verification badge, they know that even the platform the creator makes content for trusts them. The verification badge is a huge way of showing that you are who you say you are and can even extend into meaning that the promotion you give products is authentic as well.

Another perk is that when Instagram users search the app, your name and content will pop up before those who are not verified. This increases profile visibility and can spike the views, comments, and likes creators receive. Even in posts that are suggested or on the explore tab, Instagram will offer content from verified creators.

Because of the authenticity and celebrity status of creators that are verified, brands will likely want to reach out to them with partnerships. Creators and celebrities alike will find that because of their large following and built-in authenticity and status, they will get reached out to most.

Additionally, having a verified badge allows creators to stand apart from the millions of fake Instagram accounts. When a verified creator comments, it shows that they are engaging with an audience and the small blue check next to their name sets them apart from the sometimes millions of other comments. 

Becoming verified on Instagram is a natural progression in making online content. While for some it might happen right away, for other creators it might take years of hard work and dedication. While it helps to be verified, it isn’t the only marker of success. By continuing making consistent, entertaining content and staying authentic, creators will find themselves verified before they know it.

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