Content Creator Burnout

Creator Burnout

Burnout is bound to happen in any field. Professional burnout occurs when there are too many stress factors from your job for too long. For an influencer, this is no different and it makes sense that this could happen with millions of eyes on them.

Sometimes it can feel like there is pressure from all sides to perform and be perfect. Stress can come from trying to be the best in a brand’s eyes. If an influencer is trying to be something they aren’t for someone else, it can take an emotional toll in the end. On the flip side, if a creator feels that people in their same niche are better than them, it can also take a toll.

Burnout can lead to fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and even some diseases, like substance abuse and high blood pressure if left untreated. Emotionally, creators experiencing burnout can find themselves feeling detached, cynical, less accomplished, and like they are a failure.

But how does anyone manage these feelings before reaching rock bottom in their burnout? Here are a couple of steps to manage your stress before you are 100% burnt out.

You Don’t Have to Share Everything

As a creator, you might feel a huge pressure to document your life. Whether it be filming a vlog for your YouTube channel or taking snapshots of your life to post on your Instagram story, keep in mind that you don’t have to post everything you do. Making content is an important part of a creator’s life and career, but there are things that you can do that can stay personal. If you feel pressure to post your breakfast or the walk you go on with your dog, remember that some things can be just for you.

Focus on Yourself               

When you are feeling overwhelmed by deadlines and tasks that need to be completed, remember that you still need time for yourself. Whether it be doing your full skincare routine or sitting down with a book and a cup of tea, you need time to recharge. When you are constantly doing things to appease an audience, you must remember to take time to do things that recharge your battery.

Regroup and Refocus

When we are in a bad mood, it can feel like we are never good enough compared to our peers and we will never be successful. Self-doubt is a difficult feeling to grapple with, but it is important to remember why you started making content in the first place. Look back on what you have accomplished and where you started when you feel like you are unworthy of occupying the space you have created.

Take a Break if you Need it

Above all, if you need time off, take it. While deadlines and contracts are very important to consider, if you need time to recharge, you should log off. Leaving the internet for a couple of days or even weeks seems scary, but sometimes we need to disconnect and regroup in private.

Most of the time, if a creator is transparent about their burnout with their audience, they are met with kind regards and well wishes. Your most loyal fans feel like you are an important part of their life, and will support you taking a little break.  

Everyone deals with workplace related stress. Being an influencer is not an exception. Because burnout is so common, creators should not feel embarrassed about reaching out to friends or taking much needed time off.

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