Meet Our Team

Our team has a combined century in the internet marketing space. It includes industry-pioneers, industry veterans, and newcomers with the keen sensibility to pioneer new ground to create unrivaled value in the performance marketing space. With over a decade of experience in the venture capital space, our leadership team applies a VC mindset to the way we approach, develop and scale programs and revenue for both our brand partners and our creator partners. 

Aaron Thuringer

VP of Creative

As VP of Creative, Aaron helps to develop the overarching strategies and creative direction for InfluenceLogic’s various clients. This includes content strategy as well as analysis and management of influencer and paid-media campaigns. He’s always thinking about new ways to create, predict and measure ROI. His favorite creator is Lupe Fiasco.

Bethanie Stephens

VP of Compliance

Bethanie is passionate about building relationships and helping content creators bring their message to a wider audience. She is dedicated to helping others live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Her favorite content creator is Dr. Nicole LePera, AKA The Holistic Psychologist, because of her relentless efforts to end suffering and destigmatize mental health.

Brad Courtemanche

Sr. Manager Creator


As Lead Acquisition Manager, Brad is considered a jack of all trades with a special focus on lead targeting and special projects for InfluenceLogic. With experience in the feature film industry and a passion to create, Brad works daily to help new creators chase their dream of making content for a living. His favorite creator is the man that inspired his life’s journey, Film director Quentin Tarantino.

Cassandra Scarbeck

VP of brand partnerships

Cass is passionate about performance marketing and loves creating strategies that accelerate business growth, with over 20 years in the industry. Her favorite creator is her best friend, Ewelina Rafael, whom she coached to use video and authentic social media content to grow her real estate business and is now a top ranked agent in social media. She’s a foodie, loves photography, great architecture and design, and is fascinated with studying geneology and learning about history.


Chanique Nevins

Sr. Analyst, Special Projects

Chanique is passionate about writing, traveling, and all things psychology. She admires Jenna Marbles, a content maker, for her optimism and unwavering ability to adjust to the different changes that life may bring.


Chris Eldridge


As the EVP of Operations, Chris focuses on helping brands and creators scale through the use of technology.  He enjoys helping others, and creating lasting win-win relationships with the brands and creators he partners with. When not working, Chris and his wife volunteer at a pediatric oncology camp in Vermont called Camp Ta-Kum-Ta and Chris is also a volunteer firefighter in his local community.


Emma Jourdan

Brand partnerships



Emma has always been passionate about helping others in anyway she can. In her free time she loves to travel and see the world. Emma’s favorite content creator is Women of Impact because they teach women to be unapologetically who they are.



Senior manager brand


Hadley is passionate about travel, food, and life-long learning. She believes everything is worth trying once and that humor is the best medicine. She enjoys fostering meaningful relationships with creators and colleagues and helping brands exceed their goals. Her favorite creator is Best Ever Food Review Show because he constantly is eating interesting and new dishes. 



Jake Kuegler

Sr. Manager Creator


Jake loves to meet new people and is always excited to get on the phone. Jake excels at helping creators find new streams of revenue while providing their audience with great value. Jake is a huge fan of content creator Carnivore Yogi for her compassion and never-ending ability to see the bright side of things.

Jake Rolocut

Lead Operations Manager

Jake loves to socialize with people from all walks of life and is fond of learning new things. One of his favorite quotes is that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and he has lived his life by that mantra. His favorite creator is the Corridor Crew because they truly demonstrate that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.

Jessica Cote

Sr. Manager

data and reporting

Jess is passionate about learning and teaching others, which translates directly into her work with data and reporting. She enjoys tackling complex problems using the power of data to provide interesting insights so others can make data-driven decisions. Jess’s data analytics expertise helps others visualize and interpret issues from a new perspective. Her favorite creator is Beau Miles because of his endearing and quirky content.

Joe Tinkham

QA Engineer

Joe is a Javascript developer and tester. A jack of all trades, Joe enjoys learning new skills to tackle new challenges. He strives to bring the best out of others. His favorite creators are Bob the Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel.


Joel Robinson

co-founder & CEO

Joel is energized by new ideas and people who love to create. Joel’s favorite YouTuber is his brother, Paul Robinson, who showed him that nontraditional career paths can lead to extraordinary outcomes.


Kate Courtemanche

Sr. Manager Creator


Kate enjoys connecting with creators, hearing what inspires them to create, then helping them spread their voice even further. She is very passionate about mental health and chasing the never-ending pursuit of self-improvement and she loves watching and interacting with creators who share that same passion. Above all, Kate thinks that content creation is a wonderful way to give everyone a voice and to share great ideas. When she isn’t connecting with creators, Kate loves reading, writing, and traveling. Her favorite creator is Bailey Sarian because of Bailey’s relatable sense of humor and her captivating and thoughtful story-telling abilities.

Luis Perez

Sr. Analyst

Luis is passionate about giving his best in everything he does. Daily, he enjoys using his analytical skill along with his creativity to aid in the work he does. A quote that has inspired him since he was young is “your faith has got to be greater than your fear”. At heart he is a family man and has a desire to travel. His favorite creators are Doobydobap and Nickmercs because their content is calming and fun to watch.

Luis Santiago

VP of Growth

Luis is motivated by meeting new people, working on new ideas, and building successful ventures. With a proven track record spanning over 15 years, he is passionate about helping team members develop into rockstars, and partners achieve their goals. When not working, he enjoys traveling, following his favorite sports teams, and spending time with family and friends.  His favorite creators are Tom Segura of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, and BigCat and PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take, because they are hilarious and serve as a reminder that you can be successful and have a great time along the way.

MaCayla Jablonski

Senior Analyst

MaCayla is driven by her zeal for growth and learning. She is passionate about forging connections and leveraging her resources to help people achieve their goals. Outside of work, MaCayla enjoys spending time in nature, traveling to new places, and venturing out of her comfort zone. Her favorite creator is Amelia Dimoldenberg on Chicken Shop Date because her content always guarantees a good laugh.


Miah Munro


Creator Partnerships

Miah is passionate about building connections and unraveling business challenges through the lens of psychology and research. She values curiosity, empathy, and community above all else. These ideals guide her approach to solving problems and life in general. Her favorite creator is Skincare by Hyram, who she admires for helping others feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Micaela George

Micaela George

Creative Asset Coordinator

Micaela has a passion for writing, reading, and traveling. She is a lifelong learner in her professional and personal life. Micaela enjoys assisting behind the scenes to complete successful creative projects. Her favorite creators are Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning because of their comedic and original content.



Miranda Thompson

Content Optimization


Miranda is a believer in self-empowerment, manifestation, and making your dreams a reality. Her favorite creator is Graham Stephan because he stands for financial freedom, entrepreneurship, investing in yourself, and education.


Nick Denadel


Creator Partnerships

Words to describe me: positive, strategic, empathetic, competitive. I’m passionate about spending time with my friends and building lasting relationships. I enjoy lifting and playing all sorts of games: golf, basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, card games, video games, etc. Whatever I’m doing, I want to win. My favorite creator is penguinz0 becuase of his wide range of high quality, yet simple, content and his hilarious vocabulary which makes him uniquely entertaining.

Nimna Rodrigo

Compliance Sr. Analyst

Nimna enjoys new experiences, connecting with all sorts of people, and mindful conversations. She is a big believer is following your purpose and living your best life. Her favorite creator is Naval Ravikant because he is a visionary who always thinks outside of the box and is not afraid to go against the grain.


Ron Emrick

VP of Engineering

Ron is passionate about family, friends, seeing as much of the world as possible through travel, and documenting his travels through photography. He’s an expert at building great software applications that streamline processes and increase efficiencies. His favorite creators are Jimmy Chin and Chris Burkard.


Ryan Manahan

Manager Creator


Ryan is motivated by challenges and loves to learn and explore new ways to take them on. You can find him outdoors climbing rocks, snowboarding, or exploring the mountains with his dog Bingo Garcia. He enjoys connecting with creators and building genuine, long-lasting relationships. His favorite creator is Mark Rober, for Mark’s ingenuity, humor, and appreciation of squirrels.


Samantha Parzych

Sr. Manager Creator


Sam is the Director of Finance who loves to handle all things numbers and helps to keep everything running smoothly. From paying invoices, to cash flow projections, you can often find her buried in spreadsheets.  When she isn’t wearing her finance hat, she is working directly with creators giving them the ability to monetize their content by working with brands that integrate seamlessly with their channel. Her favorite creator is Cole from Seasoned Tofu with his ability to integrate delicious food and a gym mindset.

Samantha Tobleman

Sr. Manager Creator


Samantha is passionate about her family, her career, and traveling. During her career working with a variety of marketing mediums and expanding e-commerce for hundreds of companies, she fell in love with social media, influencer, and affiliate marketing. She feels marketing is where the hard numbers of the data and analytics world meet the creativity and expression of the art world. Her favorite creator is Skincare by Hyram because he turned his passion into his profit, while being honest and promoting self-care.


Steve Messa

Co-founder & coo

Steve is passionate about entrepreneurship, media literacy, and helping both youth and adults leverage social media in empowering ways that make a difference in the world. His favorite content creator is Gary Vee because he doesn’t sugar coat anything and is so passionate about helping people level up.

TK Kuegler

Executive Chairman

TK has spent his entire life as a builder of companies and dreams.  Having been the part of over 300 startups as a founder, investor, or advisor, he has been able to watch all of these companies grow over the last 30 years.  When TK is not working with founders he loves watching his thoroughbreds grow up and race in ovals. His favorite creator is Jason Beem.

Tori Gush




Tori is passionate about all things health and wellness. She enjoys living an active lifestyle and discovering new ways to be creative. She finds working here at InfluenceLogic very fulfilling as we not only help creators reach their goals but also provide everyone who consumes content with opportunities to change and improve their lives. Tori’s favorite content creator is Victoria Garrick Browne because she is very open and honest with her audience and makes her social media platforms a warm and welcoming place for everyone.


Trey Jenkins

Finance Manager

Trey enjoys spending his time in the mountains, either hiking or snowboarding. He believes that hard work and passion lead to success in any environment. A quote that inspires Trey daily is “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. He believes the world is constantly changing, requiring our minds to evolve with it. Trey’s favorite creator is Pat McAfee because he likes to stay up to date with football news.

Parthvi Harde

Operations Manager

Parthvi loves being creative and as Operations Manager she enjoys building creative solutions for InfluenceLogic as the company continues to grow and scale. With her consulting background, she enjoys being inquisitive and building relationships with creators, and team members across the firm. She is always looking to learn and upgrade her skill set through every project she takes on. When not working, Parthvi enjoys reading, exploring coffee, and involving herself in SRLC, a global non-profit.

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