Tips to Boost Your Engagement on Instagram

Instagram Engagement

As a creator, it is important to pay attention to your engagement on the social media platforms you use. While no one fully understands “the algorithm” on Instagram, there are a couple of ways to gain better engagement and more followers. Once you crack the code that best fits with your audience, you can see growth in your followers, reposts, comments, and likes.

Make Your Page Cohesive

Though Instagram has started branching out and promoting their short form video platform, we can’t forget where it started. Instagram has its roots in photo sharing, meaning it is still a vital component for users.

When posting pictures on Instagram, be sure that your page has cohesion and looks aesthetically pleasing. If you use filters on your photos, pay attention to which ones perform best by using the analytics features provided. By editing photos the same way, followers will keep coming back because they like the content and aesthetic you are capturing.

Be Consistent

By creating a posting schedule and producing content regularly, followers will know that you are consistent. When creators post regularly, their posts will pop back up into the home page feed and generate more interaction. By fostering this regular engagement, followers will be loyal to the creator and may even repost your content.

If you want to learn more about the importance of posting schedules and consistency, check out this post.

Use Stories and Special Features

Posting on your Instagram story is a great way to interact with followers. By using special features like polls, voting, stickers, and the writing a question feature, creators can reach out directly to their followers to foster engagement.

When interacting with followers, creators can ask for ideas for new content, share their ideas, and do Q and A sessions. Creators can also see which features get the most interaction from their following and use that function more often to build engagement. Creators even can promote their own posts and gain likes and comments on pictures or videos they post.

By posting regularly on your story, you can have direct follower engagement, which makes for a more personal connection with your audience. Followers like to feel seen and heard and giving them a way to directly interact with you will boost engagement.

Use Hashtags and Tag Others

By using hashtags, your posts and stories can end up in new places on Instagram. If someone frequently checks the “#makeup” hashtag, and if you post short tutorials or pictures of the makeup looks you create, you might gain a new follower. Using topical hashtags can expose new followers to your content and create more engagement on your posts.

Avoid using hashtags that don’t relate to your posts or the type of content you produce. If you use the wrong hashtags or too many, it can look like you are not being genuine and merely trying to gain followers.

As a creator, the best tool you can use is your authenticity. If they feel like you are a genuine person, an audience will naturally want to follow you. While these suggestions are best practices to get the most engagement on your Instagram, people will also consider who you are and the content you produce.

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