The Benefits of LinkedIn for Content Creators

Benefits of LinkedIn

Once you begin creating content online, some platforms can be left in the dust. After gaining a following, creators might forget about the benefits of LinkedIn, or think it doesn’t serve them anymore. Even if you think it doesn’t apply to you, LinkedIn is a great door to keep open, even after you’ve reached influencer status.

LinkedIn is (almost) a Social Media Platform

Gone are the days where LinkedIn is just for those seeking a 9-5 job. LinkedIn has become so much more than just a place to update your resume and keep in contact with your circle. In fact, LinkedIn functions more like social media these days. And like any social media, creators can find their place in utilizing the platform.

With the feed option to see what connected people are talking about, the Live feature to broadcast and chat to an audience, and a follow button to keep up with those you enjoy hearing from, LinkedIn is a “social network” and functions closely to a social media platform.

LinkedIn has a NEW Creator Mode

LinkedIn now has built in features to encourage creators to thrive on their platform. With Creator Mode, LinkedIn users can become creators on a new type of platform.

Creator Mode helps you build your following, bring your content to the top of the LinkedIn feed, and make you more easily discoverable through the search bar.

There are some people who are dedicated to being solely LinkedIn creators, but influencers can use Creator Mode too. This new mode is amazing for those who are experts in their industry, including content creators. There are some distinct perks to being active on LinkedIn and making content for the website, like reaching a target audience, showing your best work, and expanding your network. 

You can Reach a New Audience

The type of people who will view your content will be different than your regularly trafficked social media. By creating and maintaining a presence on LinkedIn, it could open you up to a more business-minded audience, which also brings along sponsorship and partnership opportunities with brands targeted for business professionals that are normally not on YouTube or other younger platforms. Since LinkedIn is business centered, creators can be discovered by people looking to work with creators, making it a great place to begin publishing content.

You can Showcase Your Work

LinkedIn can be an ever-evolving portfolio. The things you post and how you maintain your page is entirely up to you, but when people visit your account, they will have the chance to see what you bring to the table. Your profile can showcase your other social media, work that you have done in the past, or promotions for ideas you have on the horizon.

Find People who Know People

Because they are a networking platform, if someone sees what you produce as a creator, they can refer you to a person in need of someone in your niche. LinkedIn’s user base is growing at a rapid pace, meaning that there is something for everyone on the platform.

LinkedIn might not work with every creator’s niche, but it is worth trying. For some creators, it can be a place to network and continue expanding their efforts to new audiences and make connections. By having and maintaining a presence on LinkedIn, creators could unlock new opportunities and business ventures.

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