Three Reasons You Should Consider Making YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

All of us have different approaches to content creation, audience building, and monetization of our YouTube channels. So many of our motivations for getting into YouTube Shorts are different. If you are still on the fence about YouTube Shorts, consider the rationales that creators in the InfluenceLogic network have told us about how they think about Shorts. 

Audience Building

Almost as soon as YouTube Shorts launched, it exploded with popularity. As of YouTube’s most recent reporting, Shorts generates over “30B daily views and 1.5B monthly logged-in users.” YouTube Shorts provides creators with a chance to get in front of new audiences. With the Subscribe button prominently displayed at the bottom right corner of each Short video, YouTube is making it as easy as possible for creators to leverage these new views for audience expansion. And because YouTube is rewarding creators who make Shorts with considerably more distribution, there has never been a better time to try it out. 


For some creators, Shorts offer an opportunity to experiment with new content topics to discover audience interests. If you have 10 different video ideas for your next YouTube video, but you are not sure which will be most popular, create a few Shorts about the varying topics and see what hits. Rather than investing weeks into the perfect YouTube video, consider Shorts as your science lab.


On September 20th, Amjad Hanif Vice President of Creator Products, announced the 2023 monetization plan for YouTube Shorts on the YouTube blog. It was great news for the YouTube creator community. Beginning in early 2023, current and future YouTube Partner Program creators will be eligible for revenue sharing on Shorts! And they’ve also helped simplify the music content licensing element considerably. “In Shorts, ads run between videos in the Shorts Feed. So, every month, revenue from these ads will be added together and used to reward Shorts creators and help cover costs of music licensing.” And then creators will earn “45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of total Shorts views. The revenue share remains the same, no matter if they use music or not.”

So regardless of your YouTube content strategy, YouTube Shorts is an interesting opportunity worth exploring. Whether you are trying to build your audience, experimenting with new content topics, or better monetizing your content, YouTube Shorts can be quite beneficial. With that being said, there are many more reasons to explore Shorts. If you are using Shorts for a different reason, let us know in the comments below!

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