What a recent move from Meta means for Influencers

Recent Meta Move

Meta announced on September 26th that they are adding new features to make the switch between Instagram and Facebook accounts easier. What does this mean for influencers moving forward?

Because Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, they are looking for ways to merge the platforms seamlessly. Meta says that they have made this effort to help users of multiple apps reach a more extensive, broader audience and share new sides of them with new people.

By creating a “profile-switching interface,” Meta makes it easier for users to see notifications from Facebook and Instagram. An “Accounts Center” will be available to link all Instagram and Facebook accounts. In this window, the number of notifications will be displayed for the corresponding account.

In addition to this, Meta is launching a quicker way to login to either Facebook or Instagram by suggesting the account that is linked.

As of late September, they are testing their new interface and login methods for iOS and Android worldwide.

Meta notes that by tying their social media networks closely to each other, users will be able to more distinctly recognize that they are using a Meta product. Another reason Meta could be making this shift is to encourage users to spend more time on their apps by making it more user friendly.

In the influencer realm, this change could be helpful. If you have a personal Instagram and Facebook, but also have accounts for your close friends or family, this could be helpful. Having all accounts accessible from one interface can be useful in seeing where your notifications are coming from and easier navigating switching between those accounts.

One potential source of concern for creators could stem from the ease of switching and how easy it might be accidentally post from another account. As a creator, if you have a personal account and an account for your following, be extra cautious that you are posting your content on the correct accounts.

If you’ve ever had a “Close Friends” snapchat story or a “finsta,” you understand the feeling of posting the wrong content to the wrong place. That sinking stomach feeling only becomes worse when you have hundreds of thousands of followers.

If you follow specific branding and post something out of the norm, your followers will likely notice leading your slip up to become a topic of discussion. As this feature will likely become commonplace for Meta social media networks, be careful and double check where you post!

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