Three Mistakes You’re Probably Doing Right Now That Are Causing You to Miss Out on Brand Deals- Tips From Inside The Industry.

Causing You to Miss Out on Brand Deals

Whether you’re a seasoned creator with plenty of deals under your belt, or breaking into the scene and haven’t done a single deal yet, you’ll want to check out these tips. 

Most aspiring creators will head straight to their favorite social media stars when looking for advice on how to build a following and get brand deals. While current influencers can definitely share helpful information, knowing what brands look for can be even more helpful.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes we see creators making that are shafting their potential for deals.

#1 Down playing your previous partnerships 

Many creators try to down play that content is sponsored – you may be worried that your audience might get sick of seeing sponsored videos or think that your opinions are not your own.

One of the things that brands look for when identifying creators to work with is how many collaborations they have had in the past. Seeing that other brands are working with you over and over again is a great indicator that you’ve got it going on! It shows you are great to work with and that you are successfully marketing that brand, which means its a good chance you’ll be able to sell for their brand too.  

Plus, when a brand sees that you post sponsored content that is also FTC compliant, they know you’re a safe bet. 

#2 Focusing too much on content quantity instead of quality

Anyone else sick of hearing that the best way to grow your following is to “just consistently post great content”?? I know I certainly am. But if it was as simple as posting on a schedule, would anyone still be asking how to grow?

I get where this advice comes from – it really is the key to growing your audience – but it’s just not helpful. It’s like telling someone that is struggling to make ends meet that they just need to “make more money”!

What people really mean when they say to post great content is post content that your audience wants to see because engagement is key. Engagement = boosted in the algorithm = more deals.

#3 Not delivering a great experience to the brands you work with

Although being authentic with your audience is extremely important, don’t forget that when you’re working with a brand their experience is important as well. The influencer marketing world is small, and brands and agencies communicate with each other often.

Now I’m not encouraging you to take bad deals, not advocate for yourself, or promote products that you don’t love – just remember to be professional and cordial when working with a brand.

Especially if you are just starting out and haven’t cracked the code on selling to your audience just yet, if you are easy to work with brands are far more inclined to work with you till you get it right and recommend you to other brands as well. If you’re hostile or unreliable most brands won’t stick around even if you can sell their products. 

The best creators, the ones that stick around year after year and make an impact, make sure everyone – the brand, their audience, and themselves- wins. In the words of an expert marketer, Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”. Negotiate for yourself, but make sure you’re cognizant that other people are winning too. 

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