Being a Creator = Being an Investor

Being a Creator = Being an Investor

Everyday, my life is like Shark Tank. Someone stops me somewhere and wants to pitch me. I was playing craps in Vegas a few weeks ago and someone actually tried to pitch me their startup while the dice were rolling. My answer to most of these people is that they really need to invest in themselves before they pitch me. As a creator, your first thinking should be as an investor. That will be your greatest opportunity for big returns.

As a creator, investing in your operation is crucial to its success. Whether you are a writer, artist, musician, or entrepreneur, investing in your work allows you to create a sustainable career and build a solid foundation for your creative pursuits.

Investing in your operation can take many forms, including investing time, money, and effort into your craft. By dedicating time to honing your skills and developing your talent, you can create high-quality work that sets you apart from others in your field. Investing money in tools and resources can also help you to create better work, as it allows you to access the equipment and materials you need to bring your ideas to life.

In addition to investing in your craft, it is also important to invest in the business side of your operation. This might include creating a professional website to showcase your work, networking with other professionals in your field, and investing in marketing and advertising to reach a wider audience. By taking care of the business side of things, you can create a solid foundation for your creative work and ensure that it reaches the right people.

Another important way to invest in your operation is to continuously learn and grow. This might involve taking classes or workshops to improve your skills, reading books and articles to stay up to date on industry trends, and attending conferences and events to connect with other professionals and learn from their experiences. By staying curious and open to new ideas, you can continue to develop and evolve as a creator, and ensure that your work remains fresh and relevant.

Ultimately, investing in your operation is essential to building a successful career as a creator. By dedicating time, money, and effort to your work, you can create a sustainable operation that allows you to pursue your creative passions and make a living doing what you love. Whether you are just starting out or are an established professional, investing in your operation will help you to continue creating high-quality work and connect with the people who appreciate it.

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