Three Habits to Leave Behind as a Creator

Habits to Leave Behind

Making your own schedule, being your own boss, and creating content you love are just a few of the perks of being an influencer. In 2023, the number of influencers on the market is set to grow by 23.4 percent (TheB2BHouse). To further build your platform and make yourself known, it will be essential to leave behind some habits to develop your platform even more. Here are three habits to leave behind as a creator:

Saying yes too much

A few of our blog posts encourage this idea, but it bears repeating. Just because a brand is willing to offer you money doesn’t mean you should accept it. Being picky might not feel like a privilege, but you should be at least a little. If you take a brand offer that doesn’t truly align with your audience or the product is not up to snuff, it can leave your followers feeling like they are being taken advantage of.

It is crucial to have a solid sense of who your audience is and what they would like. Also, only give your approval to products that are up to your standards to maintain that trust with your audience. If you’re unsure about a product or brand, test the products before promoting them.

Not following FTC guidelines.

FTC guidelines regarding sponsorships are in place to provide transparency for viewers. These guidelines also help in preserving your authenticity as a creator. It might not feel like a big deal to disclose sponsored content, but it is legally vital.

While the FTC maintains some flexibility about your disclosure, there are three strict guidelines: it should be clear that you’re being paid, above the “see more” fold, and easy to spot.

InfluenceLogic has published a few pieces of content regarding FTC compliance. You can read the most recent articles here and here to learn more about the importance of adhering to FTC guidelines.

Not being consistent

It can be easy to skip a day you’re scheduled to post because you’re tired from the week or don’t feel like it. Sometimes, missing a post or a video is necessary, and everyone can understand that. For the most part, consistency is critical.

Posting at a specified date and time explicitly tells your audience when they can expect content. Missing a week can lose viewership and make your platform grow slower.

Creating a posting schedule, making content ahead of time, and scheduling content for upload can help you get ahead of the game. That way, if life happens, you’re still on top of your schedule. Here is an article about the importance of posting schedules.

There are certainly more habits that influencers should leave in 2022, but starting the year and focusing on just a few objectives will help build your platform and your success.

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