Should your brand maintain a blog?

should your brand maintain a blog

In the early days of the internet, blogs were a new and exciting addition to surfable internet content. These days, you might think, “if blogs are so common, why should I add to the sea of them?” This is a common thought, but there are a few reasons your brand should maintain a blog.

More content equals more traffic.

You will increase your blog and website traffic if you’re putting out consistent content. When people read an insightful or compelling blog post from your brand, they might want to go to other posts or find out more about your brand.

An essential key to maintaining a successful blog is focusing on Search Engine Optimization to ensure your posts show up in searches more often. There are built-in SEO features if you use websites like WordPress to publish your blog. You can read more tips and tricks on the WordPress website. Additionally, Yoast provides free resources and tips to improve your blog’s SEO. 

Keep people up to date.

Company and brand updates are important for consumers to know, and making a blog post is a great way to get the news out. Blog posts are also easy to post to other platforms, like social media sites your brand might run.

More content in more places

That brand-new piece of blog content can be used elsewhere. Posting your blog to Facebook, Instagram (with a bio link tool), Twitter, LinkedIn, and more can easily generate more content across platforms. In turn, this tactic creates more content and directs more traffic to your website.

Educational opportunities

At InfluenceLogic, we use our blog to educate influencers and brands about influencer marketing. As a brand, you can use your platform to promote your product and inform readers on topics related to your brand’s market. By providing valuable information about your brand’s market, readers can be more confident in working with your brand.

Overall, blogs are a win. 

Whether you feature guest contributors or task current employees to write pieces for your blog, it will be a great return on investment for your brand. Staff contributors will have a place to show their expertise in their field, and guest contributors will mix up your regular content. No matter how long they’ve been around, blogs have remained a great way to get your brand name and content out there.

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