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Rise of BeReal

The Rise of BeReal

The new app BeReal is the talk of the internet lately. This photo-sharing app has been downloaded over 20 million times and has maintained top spots on the U.S. Apple Store in the free apps section. What is this new app? Do influencers and brands have a place on the app, or will they ever?

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New Instagram Features

New Instagram Features Support Creators

In recent months, Instagram has been planning and rolling out new features to make running a business a breeze for influencers. From Reels to a new portfolio option, Instagram continues to add features that will support creators and drive business to the app.

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Should Creators Try Products

Should Creators Try Products Before Promoting?

We all know the feeling. We receive an email from a brand about a sponsored promotion. We can quickly record the video without trying out the product and make a quick dollar. Or we can wait it out and do a full product review. It is a hard decision to make. But after years of helping creators make money with brands that make a positive impact, I have realized the answer is: always try the product before promoting it.

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YouTube Shorts

Three Reasons You Should Consider Making YouTube Shorts

All of us have different approaches to content creation, audience building, and monetization of our YouTube channels. So many of our motivations for getting into YouTube Shorts are different. If you are still on the fence about YouTube Shorts, consider the rationales that creators in the InfluenceLogic network have told us about how they think about Shorts.

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YouTube Doubles Down

YouTube Doubles Down On Education

While it is starting to feel like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are all morphing into one app, YouTube continues to differentiate itself with investment into learning and education. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has become one of the most important education destinations on the internet. Whether you’re studying for a calculus test or you need help fixing your thermostat, YouTube has you covered in ways TikTok and Instagram simply do not.

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