How to create a good Ad-read for your Influencer partners on YouTube

Creating a compelling marketing ad read for a product you want to advertise through influencers on YouTube requires a strategic approach. Here are 5 steps to help you get started:

1. Understand the Influencer’s Style: 

Before creating the ad read, familiarize yourself with the influencer’s content style and audience. Tailor the ad read to match their tone, language, and overall approach. This will make the ad feel more authentic and seamless within the influencer’s video.

2. Highlight the Value: 

Clearly communicate the key benefits and value of the product in the ad read. Focus on what makes the product unique, and explain how it can solve a problem or enhance the viewer’s life. Keep the messaging concise and impactful.

3. Showcase Personal Experience: 

Encourage the influencer to share their personal experience with the product, if possible. Authentic testimonials and first-hand accounts of using the product can build trust and credibility with the audience.

4. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA): 

End the ad read with a strong and clear call-to-action. Prompt the audience to take specific actions, such as visiting the product website, using a discount code, or subscribing to the influencer’s channel for more content.

5. Respect the Influencer’s Creative Input: 

Collaborate with the influencer on the ad read script, allowing them to provide input and make adjustments based on their understanding of their audience. Influencers know their followers best, and their creative input can enhance the effectiveness of the ad read.

A great example of the perfect ad read is from this video by Better Ideas, who is reading for Athletic Greens: Not only does the ad-read tie into the video authentically, but it’s crafted in a way that consumers could easily forget that it’s an ad. All brands should strive to have their ads read in this manner.


Remember, an effective ad read should seamlessly integrate with the influencer’s content and resonate with their audience. By highlighting the product’s value, providing a compelling CTA, and respecting the influencer’s creative input, you can create a marketing ad-read that drives results and benefits both the brand and the influencer.

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