Why Brands Should be Active in the Comments Section

Brands Should be Active

Lately, it seems like more and more brands are becoming active in the comments section of popular social media accounts. It has proven successful for many brands to leave supportive or funny comments under posts of other verified accounts, but why? Should all brands implement this strategy?

The idea to start this short, sweet, and to-the-point dialogue in the comments section of Instagram posts, TikTok videos or Tweets became more popular around 2019. Brands like Taco Bell and IHOP were seen under popular posts leaving their two cents or making a little pun here and there.

Instagram has even promoted this type of interaction by giving a preview of the two most recent comments from verified accounts. Instagram pins comments from verified accounts and brands at the top of the comments section for easier viewing. Even a brief connection under a post can provide more visibility for your brand.

While these comments might seem like small acts, they can leave a significant impact. When brands comment on news articles or celebrities’ posts, they show that they are keeping up with current events and trends. Even if they simply comment with popular emojis, it shows that they are up with what is popular, which on social media can mean the world.

Additionally, it is even more beneficial when brands interact with smaller creators. On TikTok, it is not rare to see a creator video respond to a comment from a verified account. When they create a whole video based on the brand’s comment, creators highlight that these brands are interacting with their audience, which reflects positively on the brand.

The types of comments brands leave on posts and videos should be evaluated to fit with the brand’s image. When brands respond to creators, they must determine how they will address their audience and stick to it. Some companies might respond comically, while others might maintain a more formal tone.

Depending on what image they are trying to portray, brands must tailor their approach to their audience. Either way, being active and maintaining a connection with your audience as a brand is essential. By connecting with their audience, brands can strengthen their relationships with those who purchase their products or services.

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