Using Emojis for Brands and Creators

Using Emojis

Like hashtags, emojis can be powerful tools to use in your influencer marketing strategies. Apple recently released 123 new emojis, meaning there are more ways than ever to send a message without words. But is being up on trending emojis and their meanings valuable as a creator or brand? Should brands and influencers be using emojis in their posts?

If you frequent the internet, you know emojis can have different meanings than what they depict. When someone leaves a comment with the “crying” emoji, it can mean a few things. This emoji can relay that the commenter is sad. In some cases, a crying emoji can have the same function as the “crying laughing” emoji: “this is so funny; I’m crying.”

The “upside-down smile” emoji might seem whimsical and display happiness, but it is usually used sarcastically. One might pair the upside-down face emoji with a message like, “Just spilled coffee on my work shirt.”

 The world of emojis can, at times, be challenging to navigate. Emojis can have dual meanings or be interpreted differently as the context dictates. As brands and creators, not only is it essential to use emojis, but it is also important to know their meanings.

The first step to gaining knowledge about emojis and how they are colloquially used is observing how people use them online. A simple search of the “melting face” emoji on a social media platform like Twitter can reveal that users typically use the emoji to show longing or embarrassment.

Researching a new emoji, or one you see on social media can reveal a significant amount about how you should use emojis in your marketing efforts and which ones to avoid. Going directly to social media will give the most accurate and up-to-date information about how the emoji is used.

Finally, incorporating emojis into your social media posts can help your performance, possibly just as much as hashtags. As a brand or creator, using emojis (and doing it correctly) can show that you are knowledgeable about online trends. Additionally, if someone is searching for an emoji specifically, your posts can be boosted to the top of the search results, allowing for more visibility.

Knowing your audience is crucial. If using emojis is not characteristic of your brand, it might be best to utilize less nuanced emojis. Safe emojis could be regular smiling emojis or hearts, which generally mean what they appear to mean.

Emojis are a powerful tool to use in marketing efforts. When a brand can pull off integrating emojis with a hidden meaning, it shows an audience that they know about niche ideas on the internet. When used correctly, emojis can display a proper understanding of your audience’s interests.

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