Which Types of Brands Benefit Most From Influencer Marketing?

benefit from influencer marketing

If a brand wants to maximize their potential to land sales and educate prospective buyers on their products, they must consider their media presence. Influencer marketing has become a vital tool for many brands. By utilizing their loyal fanbase, an influencer can use their testimony and “influence” as a reliable review of the brand’s product or service. With that being said, some types of brands, products and services can benefit more from influencer marketing than others. 

Brand Partnerships work best when the creator matches the demographic of the brand and has a strong presence on a given platform that is similar to the brand existing customer base. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram typically have a younger demographic, while creators who have podcasts attract an older demographic. This can be crucial in predicting the success of partnerships.

Below are a few examples of industries that see success with influencer partnerships.

Food Services

If you’ve ever visited a local restaurant under the recommendation of a friend, the idea of teaming with influencers to promote a food service is similar. Brands cannot sometimes afford to give all media consumers free trials, nor would consumers blindly take a brand up on their offer. An alternative is to partner with a creator to provide them the customer experience through one of their social platforms. By doing this, a trusted influencer can relay their experience with the brand to their followers, in turn increasing the brand’s awareness, educating their viewers on the brand’s mission, and help the brand acquire a new customer.

HelloFresh is an example of a company that has partnered with influencers to get their name circulating. HelloFresh is a food delivery service that sends ingredients and instructions to make healthy meals. In the video by Rachel Maksy, she discusses the perks of using HelloFresh and concludes by showing her personal experience with the meal kit delivery service. 

Health, Wellbeing, and Fitness

Partnerships with mental health services, virtual medical providers, or fitness apps can greatly benefit the influencer and their audience. Depending on the type of audience the influencer holds, these partnerships can help place an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and show their following how fast and easy a particular service can be. Not only will the companybenefit from the positive experience of the creator, but the followers will find ease in scheduling virtual therapy sessions or getting a lower rate on prescriptions, raising their likelihood of working with the brand continually.

BetterHelp is a completely virtual therapy provider that has utilized influencers for help spreading the word about the easy and inexpensive access to mental health services. By teaming with famous YouTubers, they were able to grow their media presence and gain customers. In the video by Kelly Stamps, she educates the viewers about the need for therapy and her personal experience with the BetterHelp platform. The light-hearted and comical delivery of her experience with the service fits best with her intended audience which in turn builds trust with the brand.

Beauty and Fashion

The beauty and fashion industries are huge markets, with many influencers centering much of their content around tutorials and reviews. Beauty and fashion thrive through influencer marketing due to their visual nature. The ability for brands to send products to influencers and have them review the products to their many followers is a powerful tool. If a favorite makeup artist gives a brand their stamp of approval, their following will likely follow suit.

Keeps is a subscription service that provides products to prevent hair loss in men. Keeps has utilized influencer marketing by teaming with the channel JxmyHighroller to promote their product. Though the content of the video isn’t specifically aligned with hair loss prevention, it targets the demographic of the channel and the creator provides a 60 second pitch in the video around the Keeps product. 

The common denominator of these industries is their ability to give influencers a sample or trial of their product and convey their experience. Being able to give a firsthand account of their experience continues to build the trust the audience has in the influencer.

These partnerships can greatly benefit companies searching to increase their visibility, educate viewers on their products, and in the end gain new long term customers. The companies mentioned above function on a recurring or subscription based model which is an important factor when working with creators. When customers become recurring subscribers with a brand’s product or service they tend to have a high lifetime value. Companies that have many customers with a high lifetime value can spend more money on marketing to gain more customers in the long run. Companies often turn toward influencers to promote their company because, while it might cost them, it will benefit them in the long run. 

If you’re interested in learning more about InfluenceLogic and how we provide brands the opportunity to grow a scalable influencer program, feel free to reach out to our Brand Partnerships team at brandpartnerships@influencelogic.com.

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