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Does this sound familiar? Explaining to your accountant what you do for a living feels like you’re speaking in a foreign language. When you applied for a mortgage, the loan officer couldn’t understand why you didn’t have a W2. Or when you try to explain to your credit card company that you need a bigger limit, they ask why you don’t have three months of recurring pay stubs.

Traditional finance companies just don’t understand creators. 

Thankfully, there is a solution we love and recommend called Karat: a business expense card with limits based on your social stats. 

By now you may have heard of Karat. They’ve been all over the news and some of the largest creators in the world use their card. 

Karat exists because this emerging new group of creator-entrepreneurs, like you, found a way to make an income producing content online and simply get treated poorly by banks.

YouTube might be your first “job” or income stream. So traditional banks and finance institutions don’t really know how to work with you. Karat flips financing around to cater to creators. Karat doesn’t look at your credit score or job history, like a traditional card company. Instead Karat looks at your social platforms and determines how much credit they can offer you. So the more subscribers and engagement you have, the more credit Karat can offer you to grow your business. 


If you’re unsure if Karat is for you, here are five reasons why we love Karat, and ultimately have started using Karat ourselves. 


Creator Optimized Rewards: With Karat you get cash back on the categories you choose so you can invest back in your business. Karat pays an incredibly generous 3-5% cash back on the categories of your choosing. Even better, their categories are optimized for creators. So you might choose camera equipment, or ad spend, or travel, etc. From time to time, they run special promotions for new customers in the 5%+ cash back range. That is a huge savings! 


Bigger Credit Limits: Earlier this year, I spoke to a creator that had over 150,000 subscribers. YouTube was her first income stream, and she’d never taken a loan before, so she had almost no credit history. Even though she was making more than $25,000 a month on brand deals, her credit card limit was only $2,000 a month with Discover. Karat was able to identify this creator was more than qualified to gain access to significantly more credit and almost 10x’ed her credit limit. This helped her grow faster and buy products and services with the protection of a credit card versus shelling out her debit card all the time.


Community: I find that the creators who sign up for Karat are incredibly entrepreneurial. Karat is for creators who take their businesses to the next level. They have more aspirations than just making content. They want to build media content empires, they’re investing in startups, or building their own. The Karat network of creators is top-notch, and by signing up for the card, you’ll gain access to exclusive events around the world with some of the smartest, fastest growing creators on the planet. Sometimes it isn’t what you know, but who you know. And signing up for Karat is a great way to expand who you know in this space. 


Mission Aligned

At InfluenceLogic our mission is simple. We exist to help creators make an income with brands that make a positive impact. The creators we work with, creators like you, aren’t just “YouTubers” or “Podcasters” anymore The creators we work with are building modern day media companies! 

And media companies need significant cash to grow. Managing cash flows is hard for almost everyone in this space. Brand deals often pay 30+ days after publication, that merchandise you want to drop requires a lot of up front cash, editors need to get paid, AdSense is great for some but often not enough to live on, and many creators struggle to get approved for meaningful credit card limits because they aren’t traditional W9 employees. This shortcoming really hurts a lot of creators’ ability to grow their channels. Karat helps our creators continue to grow.

Beautiful Metal Card:

Last, but not least, the Karat card is seriously beautiful. It is a heavy metal card that you have the ability to customize with a laser etched logo design. The card is the heaviest card on the market and packs a serious punch. You’re going to feel proud using this card. 

Final Thoughts: 

At InfluenceLogic, we exist to help creators make an income by working with brands that make a positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to help creators become financially free by pursuing work they love. But brand deals are only part of that equation. Access to capital is just as important. And the company we trust the most to help our friends in this space is Karat.

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