Instagram Ad Updates

Instagram Ad Updates

In a blog post, Instagram announced on March 21st that they’re adding new types of Instagram ads. The new types of ads Instagram plans on rolling out are Reminder Ads and Search Results Ads.

Reminder Ads

These ads will allow brands to place ads in users’ feeds to build anticipation for upcoming events and debuts. When prompted, users can choose to be notified of the event at three different times leading up to the event.

Search Result Ads

These ads will allow brands to find people looking for similar businesses and promote their products and services. These ads will display in the feed and redirect users when accessed from the search results. Search results ads are still being tested currently.

Some are critical of these new ad types, saying that Instagram already fills users’ feeds with enough ads. Instagram recently also began placing ads in users’ general feeds. These ads are not from people they follow, which was Instagram’s usual in the past, but from brands who have paid for post boosting.

The reminder ads should not be intrusive to users’ experience when using Instagram, as the reminder ad will appear as a banner on a sponsored post. The search results ad might change the way Instagram users surf the app. 

Ultimately, Instagram is a platform that has evolved to help businesses thrive. These steps toward more or improved advertising on the app are the natural progression of social media.

Brands can now boost posts or promote them to new users who want to explore the services a business provides. Adding search results ads builds off the algorithm on Instagram and Facebook that recommends similar brands and products to users.

These ads are another step toward supporting businesses on social media platforms. With two billion active Instagram users spending around 30 minutes daily on the platform, brands have endless opportunities to promote to users.

It is important to remember that among the sea of ads, your brand has to stand out. When you have an exceptional product, fun and interactive ads, and discounts to offer, people will be more likely to try your product.

Instagram is ever-evolving and prioritizing brand promotion to help brands reach their full potential. These new Instagram ad updates will provide more brand visibility and even more sales opportunities.

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