Why Influencers Should Create Content on TikTok

Influencers Should Create Content on TikTok

In 2017, ByteDance Ltd. acquired an app called Musical.ly. By mid-2018, it had been transformed into the popular app known as TikTok. Many influencers have found success solely through TikTok since its start. Some influencers gained their following through other platforms, like YouTube and have yet to try their hand at being a “TikToker.” If you aren’t already, you should consider making a TikTok account. Here’s why:

TikTok is a little different from other platforms.

While Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have their own versions of short form videos, TikTok is in a slightly different category. The sound bites and trends that are unique to the app draw an audience of people to be first. Often, you can find TikTok videos uploaded to other platforms to gain more views, but the username of the original creator still appears at the bottom. TikTok is where the trends, popular sounds, and life changing advice/hack videos stem from. When creators are on TikTok, they can more easily keep up with current trends from their inception. 

Content can be fun and up to date with trends.

Because trending dance choreography and sound bites come and go in the blink of an eye on TikTok, there is a push to get content approved and posted in the perfect window of time. While there is a time crunch, the constant flow of trends creates an environment of ever-changing ways to be an influencer and get creative with partnership opportunities. Depending on the terms of the partnership, influencers can use the trending sounds and dances to make sponsored content. By doing this, creators are keeping up with trends and presenting sponsored content in a way that engages their viewers.

TikTok videos are posted on other social media platforms.

TikTok videos have a way of spreading to other platforms, like Instagram Reels, a similar short form video service that Instagram implemented recently. From a creator’s Instagram Reel, viewers can find them on TikTok, leading to more views on their account. On the opposite side of things, a link in an influencer’s TikTok bio can lead them to the creator’s other platforms, like YouTube and Instagram. Utilizing the ability to link to other social media will show the viewers that you create more, longer form content that they can watch. It is a great way to foster more connections with more followers.

You can always find your niche.

Similar to how YouTube influencers find their target audience and curate their specific group of people that consume their content, TikTok offers different audiences as well. When you upload content to your TikTok account, the hashtags you use can attract people to your videos. When they click your links, they will find that your other content also is of interest. This is another way influencers can gain more followers in their niche. This is also helpful when doing sponsored content, as the products and services you promote will perform better among your targeted audience. 

TikTok is constantly evolving and continues to gain more and more popularity. The app has 1 billion active users, and on average, people spend 52 minutes per day scrolling (backlinko). If you haven’t made a TikTok account yet, you might consider the positive effects it can have on your portfolio as a creator.

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