What does it mean to be Verified on TikTok?

TikTok Verified

Like all the other social media networks, it can benefit creators greatly to gain a verified badge on TikTok. Having the little blue and white check next to your username can set you apart from the average user and prove to audiences that you are someone worth recognizing.

TikTok says a verified badge is “an easy way for notable figures to let users know they’re seeing authentic content.” They also say it helps “high profile accounts,” or those with millions of followers, build trust with their followers.

You can’t apply to be verified on TikTok, but by following a couple of rules, creators can get their verification badges in no time.

Who qualifies for verification?

TikTok lays out a five-point approach to figure out if you are eligible. It is important to note that, unlike YouTube, TikTok doesn’t require creators to have a specific number of followers but instead meets a set of criteria. By completing these criteria, however, eligible creators will likely have a high follower count.

First, your account must be active. For TikTok, active means you have logged into your account within the past six months.

Second, your account must be authentic. In this case, you must represent a real person or business. TikTok also makes a point to note that you may only gain verification on one account, meaning that second accounts will not be eligible for verification.

Third, you must have a complete account. To be considered “complete” by TikTok’s standard, your account can’t be private, and it must have your name, a bio, a profile picture, and at least one video published.

Fourth, you must be a notable figure. TikTok requires you to have multiple news sources write about you as a business or creator. As a creator, you must make it into significant headlines to be considered notable. In this case, press releases and sponsored posts don’t count.

Fifth, your account must be secure through TikTok’s multi-factor authentication system. By setting this verification and adding a verified email, creators with large followings can protect themselves from people trying to hack their account.

Why should you try to become verified?

By having a verification badge, creators are more likely to be contacted for brand partnerships. Some brands only want to work with those who are verified or have a large following. By putting the badge on your account, you will make yourself highly visible to those seeking paid partnerships.

In addition to being highly visible to brands, you will make your content reach more people. TikTok will place verified content in the “For You” feeds of audiences more readily if you are a verified creator. Because you are verified, you are trusted by TikTok and seen as a thought leader for large audiences. The algorithm will bump your live streams and videos up if you are verified.

Being verified also adds a layer of authenticity and credibility for the audience. Because one of the main ways you can become verified is by representing a real person, viewers can rest assured knowing that you are who you say you are. You’re a real person; when you interact with them, it is really you. People who feel closer to a real person will recommend their videos to friends and trust what the creator says.

Overall, being verified might not seem like an accolade that holds great power, but it indeed does in the social media landscape today. The credibility, authenticity, and trust you receive with the little blue check can bring your videos to more screens and provide you with more opportunities as a creator.

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