Tips for Staying Relatable as a Creator

Staying Relatable

Being relatable to your audience is a massive factor in your success as a creator. Becoming successful is the goal for every creator, but once you’ve made it big, you can’t forget a significant key to lasting success: Relatability with your audience. Here are three tips to remain relatable to your audience as a creator:

Choose the Right Partnerships.

Relatability can look different depending on the content you produce and what your target audience is. Keeping in mind common interests, morals, and hobbies that your audience likely has will enable you to accept partnerships that align most with your audience and keep that relatability that pulled your viewers in from the start.

If you post typical “Day In The Life” vlogs but choose to partner with a luxury handbag brand, it might not fit with the brand image you’ve created on YouTube. Taking any sponsorship thrown your way can result in lower audience loyalty and can alter how your viewers see your integrity.

Stay Genuine

Being genuine is a large piece of audience loyalty. You are the reason people want to consume your content. If you are over the top or fake who you are, viewers will see through it. Your audience will sense if you’re not being genuine, mainly if you accept any brand deal that comes your way. If your audience doesn’t think you’re being honest with them, they will likely not want to stick around.

If you begin to make serious money as a creator and lose your relatability with your audience, it can leave a bad taste in your audience’s mouth. Staying true to your morals, interests, sense of humor, and personality despite your success will show viewers that you are genuine.

Your Viewers are People too.

An important idea that some creators forget after making a name for themselves is that your viewers are all unique people with unique circumstances. Creators must be careful to avoid generalizing or dismissing the struggles that people in their audience could face. When a creator is out of touch with their viewer’s day-to-day life, it can be unappealing to some audiences.

Additionally, creators should be extra careful not to take advantage of their audience for their gain, financial or otherwise. Creators should be mindful of the partnerships they engage in and consider when deals might be perceived as exploitation.

Maintaining relatability is a tricky thing to do as a creator. Some creators might thrive on providing their audience with a viewing experience that is explicitly not relatable. However, for most influencers, that isn’t the case. Relatability is necessary for most creators to keep in mind as they gain popularity.

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