New Instagram Features Support Creators

New Instagram Features

In recent months, Instagram has been planning and rolling out new features to make running a business a breeze for influencers. From Reels to a new portfolio option, Instagram continues to add features that will support creators and drive business to the app.

Bonus Program

First, Instagram has added a Reels Play Bonus Program option for creators using the service. In this “invite-only” program, creators can monetize their reels directly through the app.

Certain conditions under which you can earn bonuses on your Reels content. Instagram does note that each creator’s case will be different, and the requirements for bonuses can vary from person to person.

 A creator’s Reels video performance is one way they can earn money. The more views you get, the more money you make. Instagram does note that the rate per play may vary over time.

If a creator produces a predetermined number of videos, they might also be eligible to receive a bonus through Instagram. You can earn money per Reel if you reach a certain number of Reels.

Finally, if a creator creates a Reel based on a prompt from Instagram, they can get payment from Instagram.

This option is suitable for creators still trying to earn income on the content they produce outside of branded content. Currently, the Reels Play Bonus Program does not recognize branded content as eligible for bonuses.

Adspace on Reels

In addition to monetizing Reels, Instagram is reportedly testing the option for creators to put advertisements on their videos.

It is as simple as flipping a switch. Once the option is turned on, creators would be able to make their videos on Instagram visible to brands looking to advertise. If the brand views the video and deems it appropriate, it will allow their ads to be shown before the video, allowing for more direct monetization on Instagram.

Media Kit

According to SocialMediaToday and later confirmed by the company, Instagram is currently in a testing phase for a Media Kit for Creators.

This option would show creators how to build a portfolio to share with brands for potential partnerships. In this portfolio, the creator’s top posts, analytics from their content, and a personal bio would be presented to better pitch a creator to potential brands.

While this feature has not been released yet, it is currently being tested.

Instagram continues to implement tools that help creators stay on top of earnings while creating content. While these options are great for the short term and make a bit of change on the side, building long-term partnerships with brands should be at the top of the list for creators. At InfluenceLogic, we aid creators in connecting with brands and creating lasting partnerships that continue to pay off.

If you’re interested in learning more about pursuing partnerships, email our Brand Partnerships Team at

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