How Brands Can Create A Great YouTube Ad Script

YouTube Ad Script

Do not tell creators to wing it! If you are buying influencer marketing media integrations in 2022, you need to be giving creators scripts that inspire action. To put creators in the best position for success, here are a few simple tips we always follow at InfluenceLogic. 

1. Open With A Story Explaining The Problem: 

Our brains love good storytelling. Think about the influencers you like to watch: Casey Neistat, Mr. Beast, Ryan Trahan, etc. The common denominator is that they are all world-class storytellers. People come to YouTube to listen to great stories. So our ad integrations should be no different. At InfluenceLogic, we like to ask creators to start their ad reads by telling a story that introduces the respective problem the client solves. For example, if you work for Squarespace – ask creators to talk about the challenges of being an early entrepreneur without a website. If done well, the creator should have the attention of the audience. Some might be simply listening for the story, and others might be listening because they, too, are struggling with this problem. Either way, attention matters, so start by grabbing the audience’s attention with a great story. 

2. Position Your Brand As A Resource:

Next, introduce your brand as the solution to the problem. Continuing with the Squarespace example, you might suggest creators transition to your brand with, “That is why I am so excited to share that this video is sponsored by Squarespace, a company that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to build their website.” Then insert the key-value propositions talking points that highlight how Squarespace works. If done well, these features perfectly line up as the solutions to the problems mentioned in section one. 

3. Close By Explaining How Easy It Is To Get Started: 

Once you are through the 4-5 key talking points that highlight the featutes, you want to end with a strong closer. The closer should inspire people to take action, but it should also let listeners know how easy it is to sign up and get started. Will this take a fan 5 seconds or 5 minutes? And what should they expect at checkout? $5 or $500? Help the audience understand what is waiting for them on your landing page when they click so that they feel confident clicking and confident going through your checkout process.

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