Five Qualities of a Great Influencer

Five Qualities of a Great Influencer

In the world of influencers, it might take work to pick out the best of the best. Many influencers are skilled at what they do and dedicated to their career. Because of the sheer number of influencers on the market, you may ask, “What are the qualities of a great influencer?” This is an important question when evaluating possible influencers to work with. Here are five qualities to look for in a good influencer:


An influencer must be authentic. Audiences need to feel that the creator they follow is honest and has integrity. They want to feel like they can relate to a creator. Followers want to feel that they aren’t being lied to or that the creator is just looking for a quick buck by partnering with a brand. 

61% of consumers would rather see creators who are authentic and engaging. You can tell if a creator is genuine by how they interact with their audience- are they active in the comments section? Do they listen to what their followers say and take suggestions for content? Do they stand behind products that they promote and try them out? 

Creative and Original Content

If you’re trying to partner with an influencer, they must bring something unique. So many influencers are creating content, but creators need to contribute creative content to stay relevant. 

Even if a creator is following a trend, putting their spin on it is essential for people to consume their content and return for more. In a sea of about 200 million content creators, original content is vital. If a creator gets positive feedback from their audience and their views match, it’s likely because they’re putting out great content. 


One of the vital qualities of a great influencer is professionalism. They might not know everything there is to know about the creator economy, but they should be able to handle their career with a sense of professionalism. It will make partnering with them more manageable, especially in the long run. 

Professional creators usually respond quickly and appropriately to brands. They treat their career as an influencer seriously. It will be easy to tell if a creator is professional by your initial correspondence with them. You will also be able to judge their time management skills, which is a significant plus.


A good creator will produce content regularly and consistently. Keeping a consistent schedule is essential for followers to continue consuming content. When creators begin posting sporadically, followers can find it challenging to keep a pulse on the creator when they don’t know when content will be put out. 

Brands should seek to partner with creators who hold a consistent content posting schedule. This can be evident on their social media accounts, YouTube, and other platforms that they use. 


Creators must have a passion for making content. Like any career or hobby, you will find the most success. The motivation that passion creates is a must when creating something from the ground up, like a career in content creation.

Creators who are passionate about their work will be proven through their energy and time investments. Passion drives perseverance, which will ultimately help you be a successful content creator. Brands might hear stories of triumph and failure from a creator, but hearing about how they pushed on and became something great is an A+ sign of a great creator. 

When brands consider working with a creator, they should note if they are authentic, producing original content, professional, consistent, and passionate, as these are the five qualities of a great influencer. 

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