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digital marketing solutions

Digital marketing solutions are a great way to spread the word about your brand in an efficient, effective, and affordable way. But before we discuss digital marketing solutions, we first must consider what is digital marketing?  Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies via the internet, social media, mobile phones, or any other digital medium.  Digital marketing encompasses many different types of digital marketing strategies, and every business’ strategy will be different when entering the world of digital marketing.

What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Strategies? 

Social Media Marketing is a prime example of digital marketing.  Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc to run ads, sponsored posts, and other types of publications for marketing purposes.  Simply running a Twitter account for your company is a form of social media marketing.  Social media is an easy and cost effective way to share your content with a larger audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another digital marketing solution, but one that can often be overlooked, despite the great benefits it provides.  SEO is a form of targeting unpaid traffic to websites via the use of keywords to have the website be a higher result when things are searched.  If your company website does not come up very high on search engines when certain keywords are searched, SEO allows you to embed said keywords into your website to provide a higher result when using a search engine.  SEO is a very affordable and efficient way to boost your website and increase traffic.  The reason this is typically overlooked, but also the highest and most cost effective option is because SEO takes a much longer time to see the end results, as it is not a strategy you can see results overnight.

Email Marketing is just as it sounds, using email campaigns such as newsletters or large sale blasts to customers to re-engage them or convert them into customers.  Companies will ask for emails when you go onto their site, make a purchase, etc and will add individuals to a mailing list.  Many fashion brands use this tactic to re engage customers, increase website traffic, and in turn create more sales.  When you are about the make a purchase and check out online the company will also ask for an email address which they then add to a mailing list.  Whenever the site launches new clothing or has sales they send out an email to everyone on the mailing list which peaks curiosity and more often than not leads to former customers exploring the site again, and usually making purchases, as well.  This overall helps add more to a customers lifetime value or “LTV”.

Affiliate or Influencer Marketing is technically a subset of social media marketing, but an important enough one to receive its own title.  Affiliate or influencer marketing is a digital marketing solution that uses reputable people with large followings on social media to do sponsored posts for the company.  Many influencers have very loyal followers who strive to be like the influencer.  If they make a post about a product they like, this often leads to their followers going out and purchasing the product as well.  Influencer marketing also allows companies to target customers who aren’t in their typical market.  This is an area where InflueceLogic is an expert, and can help both brands and companies through strategic partnerships.

Email marketing and social media marketing can only efficiently target existing or curious customers (people who have gone to the site or follow them already), whereas SEO and influencer marketing have a far broader reach and allow the companies to hit potential customers they may never have targeted in the first place.  Where these solutions each have their own pro’s and con’s, when used together you can create a strong and powerful digital marketing strategy to hit as much of your existing and future audience as possible.

Why Use Digital Marketing Solutions in the First Place? 

Digital Marketing solutions are trackable and measurable, which means it can be proven that they actually work.  A business account on social media such as Instagram has tools built in that allows the owner to via statistics, clicks, etc via attribution and cookie tracking.  Using SEO can drive higher website traffic that can be tracked and measured, as well via free tools like Google Analytics.  Email marketing tools such as MailChimp or HubSpot, allow the campaigns to be tracked and measured for opens, clicks, reply rates, and much more.  Affiliate marketing can be tracked and measured by how many people use the affiliate link provided.  By having this high level of data and clarity into your audience and how they interact with your brand, it is easy to be able to see what is working, and what may need to be tweaked in order to hit your overall goals.

Digital Marketing Solutions are also typically more efficient and allow for more optimization .  Because everything done online is far easier to make alterations that will benefit the results than it is to re-make, re-print, and re-distribute material items such as flyers or signing up for another expensive trade show booth.  Digital Marketing Solutions also have a far broader reach.  Handing out flyers outside your store or trade show gives a very small target market for business owners to reach, while using digital marketing solutions brings you online and provides a far vaster range of people to target, and are even available to target.  An influencer can provide far more reach and bring your company to people you never would have thought to target in the first place.

There are many other types of digital marketing solutions available, but SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing tend to be the most effective and efficient forms that also allow for a measurable result.

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