UGC Creators and Why You Should Work With Them

UGC Creators and Why You Should Work With Them

UGC creators are taking over the internet, with the #ugccreator tag being used over 140 thousand times on Instagram alone. You might find yourself asking, “What are UGC creators? Should my brand work with them? Will they be beneficial to my brand?” This article will discuss what UGC creators are and how brands work with them for maximum benefits. 

What is UGC content? 

UGC stands for user-generated content. UGC doesn’t consist of sponsored photos, videos, or text but organic posts from consumers speaking about products or services a brand offers. 

For example, if a follower of a makeup brand enjoyed an eyeliner pencil, they might post their finished makeup product and tag the brand in their Instagram post. The makeup brand, with permission, might repost this on their social media to promote their eyeliner pencil. 

This organic content is massively beneficial for brands because “customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than marketing coming directly from the organization.” Additionally, 92% of customers want reviews from existing brand customers. 

What are UGC creators? 

UGC creators make content that simulates UGC but is actually paid content. 

It creates content that looks like UGC gives an organic feel without relying on customers to make it freely. This content is compensated, freelance content that mimics UGC.

Why are UGC creators beneficial to brands? 

As we know, user-generated content is especially beneficial to a brand. UGC shows that normal people like the products and services offered by a brand so much that they would post just because they believe in it. 

Authentic UGC is powerful content. It is so powerful that 90% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by what customers say. Because brands understand that UGC is helpful for brand reviews, some have decided to pay creators to make content that looks like UGC. 

Instead of investing in flashy ads with super high production value that consumers might scroll past, some brands take a different approach. 

There are a few crucial notes

These influencers are paid to make the content they feel is best and the most authentic. 

While UGC creators like to mimic the feeling of authentic, unpaid content, it is essential to remember that this content is still paid.

UGC creators might be smaller, meaning sometimes a deal can be struck with a lower payment. There is the added benefit of being featured on a brand’s social media page. Ultimately, the partnership structure should be set by the brand.

It is important to note that brands should be urging creators to disclose paid partnerships, as per FTC Guidelines. In short, the FTC wants to make everything as transparent as possible regarding paid partnerships. When working with creators, brands should have a protocol for disclosing an FTC-compliant affiliation. 

UGC creators, which can also be referred to as freelance creators, are up and coming. By creating authentic content, they mimic the feeling of UGC creators while still having the creative freedom to make the content how they see fit. UGC creators might be an excellent way for your brand to stand out and show a more authentic consumer view. wh

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