Influencer Marketing Quotes: Top 10 of 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, the influencer marketing industry is no exception. Typically, these types of year-end roundups of influencer marketing quotes paint a rosy picture of the year that was and the year to come. That’s not entirely the case here. 

There’s a new normal in the industry, and to round out 2020, we are going to highlight some of the top influencer marketing quotes that more than accurately explain this year:

Influencer Marketing Quote #10

influencer marketing quotes

JJ Yosh is a Colorado-based creator who focuses on travel and the outdoors. He summed up what all creators have had to deal with this year: dried up influencer marketing budgets. 

According to Launchmetrics, sponsored posts on Instagram fell from representing 35% of creator content in mid-February to 4% of creator content in mid-April. 


Adapt and survive indeed! 

Quote #9

influencer marketing quotes

People are starting to see through perfection online, says Rohini Mauk. At InfluenceLogic we’ve noticed it too: the more authentic you are the more influence you have. 

But be careful: there’s nothing an audience is better at than identifying and turning on fake authenticity. 

Quote #8

Katie Sehl shared the hard-truth on Hootsuite’s blog earlier this year: people feel scammed by celebrity influencer culture. 

Celebrities have an extreme amount of aloofness when it comes to social and financial inequality. Without addressing the wealth gap between the celebrity and their audience, sponsored posts come off as a joke instead of a genuine endorsement. In the end, it’s the brand that bites the bullet. A true worst case scenario for an influencer marketing campaign.

Quote #7

influencer marketing quotes

Guess what? Rules change. What works today may not tomorrow, but you have your marketing budget today. 

Quality is always the best bet. As Alexander Frolov, CEO and co-founder of HypeAuditor, told Martech: spend time up front to bring value in the occurrence and quality of your influencer marketing program and on the back-end you will benefit long-term. 

Quote #6

My favorite quote of 2020 is from Zaneb Rachid, who is fed up with being called an “influencer.”

“Influencer” is a one-sided, industry term. It entirely exists in the realm of the ad buyer, and it signals a one-sided relationship. Yes, you can use the term internally with your marketing team where it is helpful to define a revenue channel … but that is where this term should stay. 

At InfluenceLogic we refer to people like Zaneb Rachid by what they really are: creators. They create content, develop an audience and need ways to monetize their content so they can continue focusing on creating. 

We highly recommend using this term.

Also, if you encounter a creator who refers to themselves as an influencer they often are going to have an over-inflated sense of self-worth. Chances are they aren’t as “influential” as they think they are.

Quote #5

influencer marketing quotes

PRZM co-founder Larry Milstein on one of the biggest trends of 2020: diversity in influencer marketing is becoming more important. 

Creating paid media with a diverse group of actors is entirely different than engaging with a diverse group of creators to promote your product. 

Quote #4

Lindsay Fultz, SVP of Partnerships at Whalar shared one of the single most important influencer marketing quotes of 2020. Edited quote:

“The best performing content in regards to sales is unpolished and most of the time shot with the creator simply talking into their phone. Purchase convo continues to happen in direct messaging, with creators providing a type of customer service support to close the sale. They are an extension of your marketing team and truly invested in brand success. How creators execute their job in a conversion campaign creates an insane amount of user-generated content and a very enthusiastic brand base.”

Great stuff by Lindsay! Basically, a great influencer marketing campaign requires buy-in from a creator to integrate with the brand beyond just the post. Ideally they are answering questions about the product and generating even more content based on the conversations they are having with their audience. 

The best way we have found to do this at InfluenceLogic is with performance incentives. It creates a true “win/win” campaign.

Quote #3

There’s a quote like this every year, but 2021 might actually be the year. More and more people are aware of their digital footprint than ever before. As more privacy measures are enacted, advertising behemoths like Facebook are going to lose some market share. 

That money has to go somewhere.

At InfluenceLogic, we always like to include a quote that highlights the importance of video. It’s our bread and butter and trust us: nothing converts better than video

Quote #2

Jane Simon, Popular Pays Associate Director of Partnerships, said this about 2020 but we are going to give her a pass – Covid was a true black swan event that upended everything. I believe her words will actually end up being true in 2021. 

She continued: “As the first generation who doesn’t know a world without the internet (Gen Z), advertisers will need to be hyper-focused on their online advertising strategies.

At InfluenceLogic, we believe creators are the best way to reach them.

Top Influencer Marketing Quote of 2020

Bonus quote! We will end our roundup with a quote from our CEO Joel Robinson. Likes and views are essential, but they are empty calories if the creator can’t speak intelligently about your brand. 

Happy Holidays and here’s hoping 2021 truly leads to great things for all of us.

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