Creative Marketing 101 in 2021

Creative Marketing

Over the last 10 years, online marketing has shifted as customers turn to e-commerce as their new mode of retail shopping. The average American engaged online will view anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 online advertisements each day, and e-commerce is expected to bring in $843 billion this year (PPC Protect). With such a large boom of online sales, individuals in marketing are becoming interested in what is and is not working on Instagram, Youtube, blogs, websites, and email marketing alike to decipher just what it is that makes their consumer tick in the digital landscape. What’s most crucial for brands is having your creative online marketing stick out amidst the masses, which can be done through implementing relatable content, offering a way to give back, and contributing free resources to your consumers.

‘One Size Fits All’ Creative Marketing

‘Perfect’ influencers and online creators are becoming less influential as the everyday American recognizes the staging, blemish-fixing, and lighting tactics that brands and influencers alike have used in the past to depict the ‘perfect’ household, body, lifestyle, and more. A ‘real’ movement has taken place, where there is an increasingly deeper interest in where a brand’s product or service can meet them now — for example, with a messy kitchen, special needs, cystic acne, or in XXL denim. The concept of ‘one size fits all’ is attractive to the everyday consumer as they do not feel the pressure to change anything about themselves personally to be fully confident with a brand, product, or service and how it will fit into their own lifestyle. 

A great example of this type of creative online marketing can be found within athletic brand Outdoor Voices OV Cotton Campaign where they include an African American handicapped model within their product shots. This sort of campaign is so vital for a modern athletic brand, as it goes beyond the typical muscular and caucasian individuals so consistently portrayed in other athletic brand’s marketing, and leaves the consumer with the notion that they can be a part of the Outdoor Voices lifestyle as well — no questions asked.

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The Gift That Gives Back

Whether the consumer is giving a product or service to themselves or a loved one, there is a lasting ‘feel good moment’ when the customer is aware that their purchase also benefits other causes beyond their wardrobe, home, or other personal matters. Several brands have begun turning to more eco-friendly materials and factory-methods that leave the consumer with a sense of helping something or someone beyond themselves, while other brands may give a percentage of profits to charity with each purchase made.

Providing the statistics as to how your product differs from companies similar who are not taking positive action in this way leads the customer to having a deep trust in your brand, showing you have thought about the repercussions of what ‘normal’ companies do, and made it priority to do and be better — for the planet, the community, or other matters outside the company’s gain.

A fine example of this can be found with Bee’s Wrap washable, reusable, and compostable bee’s wax and cloth alternative to plastic wrap. Bee’s Wrap is committed to replacing single-use plastic wrap in the household while also working with partners such as 1% for the Planet, The Bee Cause, The Rozalia Project, and National Geographic in all-around environmental management and protection.

Their partner National Geographic mentions, “Each year, Americans buy enough plastic film to shrink-wrap Texas”. Sharing information similar to this with your following incentivises purchases, and makes the consumer feel good in having played their part with their purchase.

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Who Doesn’t L ove FREE?

Giving for free can feel as good as getting for free. When you share free resources to your consumers, you are exposing that your consumer’s general success and well-being with your product or service is equally as important to you as the purchase itself. Providing a solution to a problem is great, but providing extra resources for your consumer to excel with your product or service is where modern brands thrive within creative online marketing.

InfluenceLogic has made it top priority to provide both brands and influencers alike with all of the resources you may need to excel in your creative online marketing endeavors through our up-to-date blog, mobile app, and 1:1 real-life creator success professionals to help you the entire way to publish. For more information as to how InfluenceLogic may be able to help you in your next creative online marketing campaign, click here.


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