A Quick Guide To PR Packages for Influencers

A Quick Guide To PR Packages for Influencers

When you become an influencer, you may receive public relations packages from brands. PR packages are products from a brand that allow a creator to sample them. Brands specifically curate a list of influencers to send products to based on their target audience and what a creator’s niche will be. Here is a quick guide to PR packages for influencers.

Who gets these packages?

Brands choose creators in their industry to help increase the chances that their packages will land among the correct audiences. They send these packages to make their name known among the creator’s audience.

PR packages are an excellent opportunity to connect with brands as a creator. When an influencer’s name lands on a PR list, it means they are a great person to represent the brand. The creator aligns with the brand’s image and might be a great partnership.

Should creators reach out to brands?

A creator might feel they would be a great fit with a brand’s target audience, so they directly reach out to the brand. If influencers choose to reach out to brands, doing it professionally is essential.

Some creators will ask for free products from a brand. As a creator looking to create brand relationships, approaching a brand and asking for free things doesn’t look great. The way creators ask to be placed on a PR list should be more professional.

Reaching out to a PR representative and explaining why you would be fit to receive and review products is a good idea. Making a personal message stating your relationship to the brand and the industry will appeal to the brand more and increase your chances to end up on a PR list. If you already know you enjoy the products, letting them know you will give a shoutout can help.

TheBeauParlor is an established beauty influencer. She has a great template for reaching out via email to brands on her blog.

Do you have to post about it?

Creators are not obligated to make a post promoting or thanking a brand for their PR package. To maintain positive brand relations, creators will usually make an Instagram Reel or post about packages they receive from brands. While this is a great way to maintain PR list status, you should never endorse products you don’t like.

If you’ve tried the products and they don’t hold up, it might not be in your best interest to post about them. As an influencer, it is vital to maintain your honesty and integrity. You could lose your audience’s trust if you support a product or brand that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If the brand’s products are up to snuff and you truly stand by them, this could become an opportunity to partner with the brand. Maintaining healthy brand relationships is essential if you’re looking to strike a deal in the future.

Ultimately, it is up to the creator whether they want to post a PR package publicly. Many creators will post all PR packages to maintain good relationships, but you should be cautious about posting products you don’t use or like. Whether it’s a gift or not, creators need to preserve their integrity above all else.

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